A way for you to help the Jones Family

Many of you have asked how you can help us, Here is a way that will help us long term

You will probably see this again for our battle is a scheduled 2 year event. Please please please, did you see I asked, please read and consider?!?

Click on this link http://www.godsfamilyroom.organogold.com

You may or may not have experienced what my family, wife, and myself are living everyday, and I pray you never do, but the time, lack of income opportunity, and added expenses of living in 2 places can be draining. i am so thankful for the many fundraisers for the immediate concerns, but i know over time there is only so much anyone can do. again my sincere thanks for everything going on. But if you are a coffee drinker I ask that you will try to support us, enjoy a great cup of coffee , and possibly even pay yourself back for the coffee you drink, would you please try my coffee at http://www.godsfamilyroom.organogold.com
The coffee is organic, kosher and halal certified good for you and something you already spend money on. Your office or work place, gifts for friends, your own charity fundraiser, your own coffee business stand, or just enjoy yourself. so type in your upper left search or click on the blue link at the top and share with us the opportunity to lift our burdens, keep you healthy, and possibly influence this world for the better, Sincere thx!
Jeff Jones and family


Thank you for caring and praying

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