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2014 update!!!

We are in our last 6 months of treatment… Thank you for your continued prayers and encouragement. We have accumulated a wealth of information that we will be sharing and compiling into print. Try  it addresses several experiences. Advertisements

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When you see a child in public and they have lost their hair, look pale and frail and in a wheel chair…you think this child is suffering from cancer…more than likely not…it is a good possibility they are in remission … Continue reading

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Great News Sept 24th Update

Some great news…. Selah’s Alternative Suplemental Program has a 100% approval from her doctors! They even told me our research was thourough and beneficial and they planned on sharing parts of the program with other families. We do not have … Continue reading

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Sept 6 update

The word REMISSION came out of the doctors mouth today! We also went 4 hrs of rounds with the protocol that reads …. may cause other cancers, siezures, liver damage, bladder damage, spleen damage, kidney damage…vomiting, fevers, further hospitalization, blindness, … Continue reading

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Picture video


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Today we are he…

Today we are heading back to the hospital , there are some test and proceedures that have to be done. bone marrow biopsy, lumbar puncture,last IT chemo of induction. The thoughts make my stomach flip and my knuckles white as … Continue reading

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She is sure glad to be home but has a really hard time walking right now …her legs are hurting from all the chemo and drugs they have given to her and never givin her phycial therepy..lord pls help her … Continue reading

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