When you see a child in public and they have lost their hair, look pale and frail and in a wheel chair…you think this child is suffering from cancer…more than likely not…it is a good possibility they are in remission … what you see is
the side effects of pediatric protocol. We are losing friends and financial support over this quest. Some have said she is in remission why would we need the support? First, we do not need your financial support to pay for medical bills incurred by the hospital, but we sincerely thank you for your prayers and gifts! Selah does not need your financial efforts for having cancer. She had been healed by the grace of GOD, long before the doctors declared remission! We have a mandatory 2 1/2 year protocol the C.O.G. makes children go through. This week Selah starts a new phase of therapy that requires her to have chemicals put into her veins that the label warns against potentially fatal side effects. The chemical destroys abnormal cell production known as “blasts”. Selah’s Blast count dropped to 0 actually before the official diagnosis was processed. If there are no blasts, i do not know why she needs a chemical that stops blast formation when she has none? This is known as “PROTOCOL”. I am not mad about what others have yet to realize. The funding we are requesting help with is multi-facetted. First, to help us dedicate the time needed to prepare for possibly a 2 year interruption of my current professional position. I am finding it impossible to keep appointments and dedicate the mindset required. I have been preparing for this transition to set up my office from home and find a way to make presentations that will market my services appropriately. Second, we are using an alternative supplemental program to be integrated with her existing therapy. None of this is a covered expense and will continual for several years, if not life long? The program has been approved 100% by the hematology/oncology and pharmaceutical teams. In fact, it was suggested that my research was thorough enough to share with others of similar concerns under treatment! We anticipate an additional $10,000 year expense for this alone. Travel, home changes, and Selah’s personal needs through this protocol will also be increased. Thirdly, we are trying to help families with spiritual, informational, and critical family support through the Selah Says Society. We hope to establish a website that has interaction to share prayer requests, statistical results, miraculous results, and memorials. We hope to start a sub-entity designed for special needs families, called “Butterfly Junction”. A barrier free preserve and interaction center along with a performing arts and artistic expression facility; a place to experiment, explore, express, and exhilarate! Lastly, can we find a way to make a better mousetrap? If we can help generate some research dollars to the grotesquely underfunded pediatric cancer platform, we would be so blessed to participate. It is why we promote the few events, set out donation canisters, and offer healthy coffee. (www.mrbluesky.organogold.com ) Thank you for your much needed continued support over the next few years and immediate needs. Please share, please pray, please participate?!? We could use your help to manage canisters and repost events and share the coffee fundraising site. Again, thank you so much for all that has been done and is yet in planning stages.

Click this link www.mrbluesky.organogold.com

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Thank you for caring and praying

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