Sept 6 update

The word REMISSION came out of the doctors mouth today! We also went 4 hrs of rounds with the protocol that reads …. may cause other cancers, siezures, liver damage, bladder damage, spleen damage, kidney damage…vomiting, fevers, further hospitalization, blindness, or death…this only happens in 20% of the cases so… against our will unless we wanted court action and child protective service
called we had to sign the order to continue protocol platform treatment. Eventhough out of the doctors mouth… ” there is no detectible traces of leukemia in your daughters blood, bone marrow , or spinal fluids.” There is no other treatment plan acceptable in North America & Australia because the C.O.G. says so. Oh yes…by the way… the medical bills are payed for if we stay within this protocol…if we do not …niether are they! Can anyone say the word…”Railroad”? I know my medical friends say there is safety in this protocol and an 80% cure rate. My spiritual friends know a doctor with a 100% trust factor! It is not death we fear…it is the trial and error of mans fears that frustrate us to be forced within. We were told today…” if the plan protocol doesnt work and it looks like we cant help your daughter are then free and unbounded by law to try any other plan you like” Thanks! after you almost kill our daughter..and sign here incase we do… you now can try prayer, dietary and natural pathic healing, and an incense or two. Any lawyers out there care to take this on? It should be a matter of choice at this point…she is in remission. Maybe an activist with a picket or two? Maybe a tv interview? We really dont want the battle ahead… so we pray that this battle belongs to the LORD! That the challenge of HIS promises,healing, and miracles will be fought by him, and our daughters safety we place in the hands of a merciful Creator that says his kingdom is our kingdom. Luke 12:22-34 with emphasis on verse 32!

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Thank you for caring and praying

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