Today we are he…

Today we are heading back to the hospital , there are some test and proceedures that have to be done. bone marrow biopsy, lumbar puncture,last IT chemo of induction. The thoughts make my stomach flip and my knuckles white as I hold a shield and sword for my daughter. whatsoever we bind on earth shall be bound in heaven…will you speak outloud today , ‘Dear gracious father , we bind all the leukemia that was seen in Selah’s blood and body , and that you destroy this uninvited invasion of her innocence. we stand and speak on the promise of your word today that this will be done as your word promises, this is not our demands, just our faith in you spoke to us, we agree and believe in the name of JESUS,as it was said, as it was written, let it be done!’ – Jeff Jones – Daddy

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Thank you for caring and praying

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