Selah’s happy to be home – Praise God!

Well as you all know Selah gets to finally be home! A doctor came in yesterday and why is she still here? She can heal better in the comfort of her own home!! Praise God! She still has to go back Friday for more spinal taps and tests and will be fighting this for 2 and 1/2 years but as long as she gets to be surrounded by people she loves and play and be at peace at her home ♥ her hair is very thin on top but still in the back!! You never know she could have lost just what she lost! You have no idea how joyous it was to see her walk through that door! She was shocked but humming which means she’s happy:) what a joy and when our family was sitting and eating and selah was with us you truly never know what you got till its fine because it felt so good to have her there. To have everyone there. Thank you for your prayers ! she was happy to play with Judah too :)))
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Thank you for caring and praying

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