Precious words from Selahs Father

Please allow me some clarification: first and foremost…God has masterfully graced us with opportunity! We Praise the perfecting Creator for all HE does and does not do! We worship HIM as Savior of the universe! “…willing that none should perish” We believe that everyone conceived stands in a position of forgiveness with a beautifully righteous Redeemer awaiting your acceptance!
Second, we Praise God for his masterful creation of mankind, and we give thanks for those who have diligently applied themselves to knowledge and understanding. I can’t even conceive of creating something so ugly that has been managed to the precision of something like chemo therapy. I realize it has saved many lives and for that again we praise a merciful GOD. The immense pressure and obligations of those that administer this process and the ferocious legalities of protocol are to be commended for wanting to save a life or at least extend it.   Again for those that have endured, hallelujah!
Thirdly, Brenda & I have been taken to parental limits of decisions. Selah has the tenacity of a bulldog, the grace of an angel, and the miraculous smile of the worst-day-of-your-life cure! You may not be able to imagine, and I sincerely pray you never will, put your child in the life and death statistics of man. Uniquely, that is all they are is man’s statistics! We have been looking beyond the physical, and believing in the spiritual. We have no fear. God wins! We believe we pass from death unto life …and I can’t wait to start real living! We are encouraged and the team here at the hospital has helped to integrate a program that goes against their institutionalized objectives and has done their best to accommodate our requests, There have been many denials to our disappointment, and we pray to Selah’s advantage! Many have said….”whatever you need, just ask”? God has performed some miraculous events!
We pray you will continue to use the word “MIRACULOUS”! Miraculous intervention on the next few years of our finances and time management skills, miraculous intervention that additional chemo will not be needed, and if so, miraculous stimulation of Selah’s immune system and marrow, and lastly, miraculous intervention on his divine influences of us serving HIS ministry! Finally, that whatever path God has us walk, we will be exactly what HE needs us to be. To whomever, wherever, when so ever, that He gives us grace while we wait for His will to be done
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Thank you for caring and praying

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