2nd week update

We have been here at Childrens hospital, now entering our 3rd week. we have changed the atmosphere by realizing we are here to bring a little comfort, a little laughter and maybe a little hope? Selah still has 3 more fridays of induction. each treatment steals a little bit of the little girl we call our joy! she is strong willed and lets everyone know that they invaded her space…and she’s not happy about it! :O) what the medical team thinks is a result of chemo, we believe it is the trauma of those who are here do get there paycheck and those that have compassion on the helpless. i understand institutionalized protocol, but somewhere someday these medical giants are going to figure the difference in the statistics is spiritual, family, and atmosphere. Patch Adams has more to say…if comfort only. Most hospitals cant afford comfort, but you would think with the 52 trillion collected for cancer research, that a few dollars would trickle to atmosphere. it amazes me that the most expensive building ever built in michigan is under staffed, under qualified, and rank 42 in the nation for childrens cancer treatment? just trying resolve not complain?!? wouldnt in be something if protocol was love and compassion before vitals and test studies?!? looking forward to building a better bridge while crossing. help us LORD to be full of your joy to those who paths you have us cross. God free Cheyanne, Peter, Anthony, Jeremiah, Walker, and Tyler of the all things that keep them from enjoying childhood and the opportunity to a full life. Please destroy the fear that looms and let others find faith to an abundant life!

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Thank you for caring and praying

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