Selah Says….

Selah Says….

            …Have you ever listened to a rainbow, like a crystallized waterfall

            …Have you ever watched the wind, as it dances wheat so tall

            …Have you heard the song the moonbeam sings, like a pane of shattered glass

            …or how about the ocean, as it waves back with all its rasp

            …can you smell a fragrant sunset

            …or cheer its morning rise

            …can you whisper to the rosebush

            …and talk with butterflies

Selah says she can!

Like an extra cup of sugar inside her birthday cake

And an extra “Y” inside her mind is certainly no mistake

So anything is possible with an extra dose of GOD


So Selah says to stop and listen

And look beyond your eyes

There is a song you may always hear,

For pure life can be quite disguised!!!!


Written by her daddy 01/30/08

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Thank you for caring and praying

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