Aug 6 9AM

Selah had a great nights rest and in fact is still sleeping. today is another chemo day and her blasts are still 0 . This is good! We need her marrow to start producing red and whites her hemoglobin to raise along with her plaetlets.  I asked God if he would step into the arena, and the devil jumped out of the ring!

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2 Responses to Aug 6 9AM

  1. Zoey's mom says:

    Sending peace and prayers for these days for they remind us all too much of the days we watched our fighter girl endure these moments.

    Prayers from a family who feels this weight you are all carrying and are lifting you with faith and hope for better tomorrows.

  2. Selah Jones says:

    Thank you so much, it means alot knowing that you understand what we are going through and praying for our family. God Bless your family and Continued health for Zoey!!!

Thank you for caring and praying

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