The rollercoaster continues…. this weekend with selah’s response to chemo, blood, and platelettes. She is getting platelettes now and this has caused fevers. I am asking she has no reactions anymore and that her marrow starts to produce its own. remarkably her blasts are 0! This is good news. again thank you friends for participating in our miracle!
We will keep you posted, we anticipates ups and downs , but i am believing in the spoken word of victory over her that make medical world ponder Gods greatness!!!
Jeff Jones!!

You can see it in her poor little eyes, the little angel is fighting this fight but it is taking it’s toll on her little body, rashes, infections, weakness.

God I know this is done in your time and not my own, But I plead with you to heal her and comfort her as she endures what she needs to do and those that are in need of experiencing your goodness along the way to do so. God Speed! Amen

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Thank you for caring and praying

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